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Your Photoshoot

The format of portrait and headshot photographic sessions can vary according to your needs. I will be happy to discuss your requirements before any commitment is made. 

Generally, all sessions start with a warm up shoot using standard poses and lighting. As we progress, you'll be able to change clothes, hair and makeup and we will work through a number of scenarios and styles to ensure there is plenty of material from which to choose a varied portfolio and eventual 'winner' at the end.

I use studio and natural light set-ups that I know will produce the kind of shots that can be used for most purposes. (In particular, shots that are favoured by agents and casting directors). These can be varied in response to specific requests, or spontaneously during the shoot. If weather and time permit, we can also go outside for some location work, adding further options to the final collection.

The pictures produced will conform to guidelines given by various theatrical and film industry websites and publications, and will be of outstanding quality. My goal is to provide you with something unique, that accurately reflects who you are, and separates you from others. Results will include half- and three-quarter portraits in various styles.

Your pictures will be uploaded to a private folder on my website within a day or two of the shoot. From these you can choose an agreed number of favourites which will be retouched where needed and finished in standard formats. You will also be able to keep a large number of portfolio shots. 

If there is anything you would like to ask before making a booking, please feel free to call or email me using the details on the homepage.

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